Hankies at the ready! 25 feel-good photos for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, so what better time to shine the spotlight on the original man in your life? As you’ll see across our gallery, giving your daughter away can be very emotional. Don’t forget to savour those special moments before your ceremony with yer auld da.

Dads run the risk of feeling left out during the planning process. They could be relegated to chief handbag-holder at wedding shows, or feel their voice isn’t being heard when your budget is spiralling out of control but you aren’t compromising on those jaw-dropping Louboutins (that no one can see under your dress). And don’t forget he’ll have pre-speech nerves hanging over his head from as soon as you tearfully slip on your engagement ring until halftime on the big day.

Of course, this applies to anyone that’s walking you down the aisle. Just because someone isn’t your biological dad doesn’t mean they haven’t majorly stepped up to the plate. Let’s hear it for all the step-dads, uncles, mums and brothers that are filling those shiny dress shoes and making you feel every bit as treasured as you deserve to on your wedding day. Show them some love this Sunday too!