PHOTO ALBUM: Details and décor that will blow your mind

From grand castles with imposing décor to clean-slate marquees, the sky – or more likely your bank balance – is the limit for styling your big day. If you’ve got the money, you can completely transform your venue with new tables, chairs, linens, crockery and cutlery. And that’s before you’ve started on lighting, centrepieces and larger props.

Back in the real world, with remortgaging your house off the table at your other half’s behest, it’s all about injecting creativity into smaller touches, or one or two statement pieces (if you can stomach DIY then you’ll get much more bang for your buck). We’ve asked Scottish photographers for inspirational shots that can do both: décor from local weddings that could hold their own amongst the jaw-dropping Stateside celebrations that litter Pinterest, balanced with some quirky ideas that will still stop your guests in their tracks without breaking the bank.

From left: From left: The GibsonsJenniflower Photography