PHOTO ALBUM: Get the whole gang together with group shot inspiration

The style of photography you’re after will lead you to the right person to capture your day, but it’s also a key conversation you need to have with whoever is behind the lens. In the last ten years, the move away from staid formal shots has shifted to a natural, off-guard way of taking photos – ‘reportage’, if you’re a stickler for a proper name – and at first, many brides and grooms shunned posed shots all together.

More recently, a mix of the two styles has been encouraged. The candid snaps give you a real flavour of the day, but lining up with your aunties and uncles ensures you’ve got plenty of choice for album- or mantlepiece-worthy prints. Provide your photographer with a list of shots you want (e.g. your mum’s side of the family, the Benidorm hen squad, your new in-laws and their dog) and find out if they’ll have an assistant with them on the day to round everyone up. If not, well, did the ushers think they were getting kilt hire and a free dinner for nothing?