PHOTO ALBUM: Heart-stopping snaps from engagement photoshoots

When you first dipped your toes into the world of weddings, if certainly opened your eyes. You thought you were after a dress, now you’re realising you need shoes, underwear, jewellery, a headpiece, and you’re being talked into a removable lace overlay to take off after the ceremony. You were always going to cop for invites, but now you’re being hit with save the dates, table plans and orders of service.

And now a photographer is asking if you’d be interested in a pre-wedding shoot. Is that not a bit Beyoncé? It’s actually pretty practical. Most importantly, it gets you used to doing all the lovey dovey stuff in front of the camera. And an afternoon of messing around and getting to know each other will make you so much more comfortable with your photographer. You can even use the photos on those save the dates you’ve added to your list!