PHOTO ALBUM: Wedding fun in the sun

For a few special days each year, Scotland is blessed with glorious sunshine. The landscapes and architecture look spectacular as they are saturated in a real-life filter and it’s almost impossible to be grumpy. Nothing puts you in the mood to party more than amazing weather, and that’s why so many engaged couples agonise over booking the date most likely to guarantee clear blue skies.

Unfortunately, the Scottish summer is famed for being more temperamental than a page boy going through the terrible twos. Forecasts are little more than guesswork, and rain in July is just as plausible as a fluke sunny day in October – a gamble made all the more tempting by the fantastic off-season packages that certain venues offer.

If you’re one of the blessed couples that open the curtains on the big day to a scorcher, expect a sensational sun-drenched wedding album that every photographer dreams of capturing. Always have a plan B, mind you. Make sure your snapper has scoped out the venue in advance to identify what interiors will work best if you can’t take things outside.