Take Five: Thank you candles for the mums

A bouquet of flowers might be traditional, but candles have much more longevity

Bridal Lace Collection Peony & Blush Suede candle, £49, Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London’s line of home fragrance needs no explanation, but for a special MOB/MOG gift on your wedding day, the Bridal Lace collection has now expanded from cologne bottles to include candles. Available in four best-selling scents, the jars are etched with lace and would make a lovely keepsake.

Flowers Signature Candle, £20,The White Company

If you don’t want to break from tradition too much, how about a flower-scented candle? The White Company’s pretty floral blend features uplifting notes of jasmine, rose, neroli, lavender and geranium.

‘Thank you mum’ candle, available in five scents, £32, Norma & Dorothy at Notonthehighstreet.com

Mums will adore the cute personalisation on this Norma & Dorothy number, and will soon find a use for the jar when the candle has burnt away. Repurpose with tealights? Plant a small succulent? Store bedside table bits and bobs? Its new function will be proudly shared on a Take a Break tips page ASAP.

Amber classic candle, £35, Goldhart

Shopping local has never been more important, so for a Scottish candle company that should be on your radar, check out Goldhart. The range comprises five scents in three sizes, but amber – which ‘combines the balmy fragrances of our Scottish countryside in summer, a wild flower-laden woodland enhanced by mellow top notes of spice’ – sounds  dreamy, doesn’t it?

Wedding day candle, £8.99, Best Kept Secrets

More than anyone, your mum will understand that the financial strain of a wedding doesn’t bode well for grand gestures. Taking the time to say some heartfelt words of thanks during the speeches will be the real gift, so if you’ve found yourselves a bit overstretched, Best Kept Secrets candles cost under £20 for a pair.