We dare you to watch these Scottish proposal videos and not cry…

Tissues at the ready – we’ve scoured Youtube for the sweetest Scots popping the question

1. Passion at the panto
Normally it’s the drinks prices at The Hydro in Glasgow that has the audience agasp, but in January 2014 a performance of Peter Pan was halted when the actor playing the role of Peter proposed to his girlfriend, who was starring as Wendy in the J. M. Barrie classic. Glasgow-born ‘Wendy’ shuns a low-key reaction and promptly explodes into floods of tears. As we did watching it.

2. Could it be magic? 
Billy Reid’s tricks are famous on the Scottish wedding circuit but the magician swapped reception entertainment for the start of the journey to the aisle by helping his pal Paul ask girlfriend Amanda that all-important question. Even though you know it’s coming, the suspense as you await the ring appearing is enough to make you need a lie down after.

3. All aboard the love train
This Hamilton couple first laid eyes on each other across a crowded carriage, so when Stuart decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Michelle, it seemed like the perfect place to get down on one knee. Despite meticulous organisation – even enlisting the help of a choir – his plan was nearly foiled when Michelle wanted to get a later train! Luckily, she changed her mind and the video of their journey went viral back in 2015.

4. And they lived happily ever after…
We shared this clip on Facebook when it was posted in June 2016 and we’d like to apologise to all the H2Bs that got the cold shoulder because they didn’t put in as much effort as Jason Shoffman did when he proposed to his girlfriend, Bothwell-born Simone Golumb. Thoughtful Jason put together a fake Disney art exhibition where he’d created personalised illustrations of the couple’s holidays and special moments with a heart-stopping finale. We could watch this one over and over again.

5. A leap of faith
This romantic groom-to-be popped the question to a very exhilarated girlfriend seconds after she’d ticked a skydive off her bucket list. We hope she had a Fitbit on, because checking your heart rate after that sequence of events would certainly be interesting…

6. Skate date
All we’ve ever returned from ice skating with is a couple of bruises, so props to this lucky gal who managed to score a first date, and then nine years later, an engagement ring on the rink at Glasgow’s George Square. The comedy value of a nervous groom trying to get down on one knee wearing skates makes this clip a must-watch.

7. Just the tattoo of us
The Military Tattoo in Edinburgh draws crowds from all over the world for its quintessentially Scottish spectacle, but the universal language of love united tourists and Scots alike when soldier William McDowell asked Highland dancer Monica McElwee for her hand in marriage. We’re pure greetin’!

8. Shop ’til you pop (the question)
There’s something about Christmas proposals that have the extra ‘aww’ factor. Bobby Beattie must have sussed this out when he decided to propose to long-term girlfriend Laura in May 2013. With all that time to plan the perfect day, Bobby decided to really go for it and tasked a dance troupe to show off their best moves to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ in the middle of Braehead Shopping Centre.

9. Dancing in the moonlight
Flashmobs definitely had their moment as a popular way to propose, and this diminished the element of surprise a little – nobody sings in the airport, everyone just wants to grab their bags and go – but the bars on Glasgow’s bustling Ashton Lane are a conceivable place for a wee sing-song. On this night in 2015, it was showchoir Edinburgh University Footlights belting out another Bruno Mars classic ‘Just the Way You Are’ to a bemused Louise that set the scene for her special moment.

10. Flip the script
We don’t think women should have to wait for 29th February if they want to pop the question, but it’s a tradition that does hold a certain romance. Genevieve decided to spell it out to BF Rachad by revealing ‘Will you marry me?’ on t-shirts worn by a brass band on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. How cute is Rachad’s reaction?